This sock angel tutorial shows you a fun way to craft decor for yourself or to give as gifts.

sock angel tutorial for christmas in july

The Fairfield World design team is celebrating Christmas in July! With all the craziness that’s happened this year, it’s a fun distraction to look ahead to the holidays. I used Poly-Fil Fiberfill and Poly-Pellets, both made by Fairfield World, to make this sock angel tutorial. The sock and moss came from Dollar Tree, making this a very budget friendly craft. You could make lots of angels to decorate with or to give away this year. Who wouldn’t love a little guardian angel in their home?

make sock animals and angels with Poly-Fil

Sock Angel Tutorial Supplies

Please see the video tutorial for complete details. Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Stuff the toe of the sock with Poly-Fil.
  2. Tie it off with some string or twine.
  3. Paint the head with fabric paint. Let it dry.
  4. Paint the eyes, mouth, and cheeks using fabric paint.
  5. Fill the body with Poly-Pellets and Fiberfill.
  6. Sew the end shut and cut off the excess fabric.
  7. Make a bow using a wide ribbon, and stitch it to the back of the angel.
  8. Make a collar with the lace and sew it on.
  9. Hot glue the moss on to make hair.
  10. Hot glue the gold wire to make a halo.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, I think you will LOVE my other sock plush DIY. It’s a reversible stuffie, with a panda on one side and a penguin on the other side. Kids love this, and it is a great craft that you can make with them. You can see the video tutorial on YouTube!


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