Make this the best summer EVER with this DIY bean bag pool float. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

I’ve purchased a lot of pool floats over the years, and I don’t even own a pool! There’s something about taking a break from swimming to just lounge in the water that can’t be beat. Plastic inflatable floats get hot, and flip easily when a second person tries to climb on. This bean bag float doesn’t sink or flip, and it’s so incredibly comfy that you’ll want to use it all day, both out of the water and in the water!

DIY pool float

You only need four items to make this DIY bean bag pool float:

bean bag filler pool float

That’s it! This project comes together so quickly that you’ll have it in the water in no time at all. I made a short video tutorial for you to follow, but here is a summary of the instructions.

Bean Bag Pool Float tutorial

First, fold the fabric with the right sides facing each other, and sew two opposite edges together. Now you have what looks like a giant pillowcase.

Sew the velcro strips onto the open side of the pool float. This will make it easy for you to insert and remove the bean bag filler bags. (I opted not to add a zipper because I worried it might rust and get stuck over time.)

bean bag filler in mesh bags

Next, fill the mesh laundry bags with the bean bag filler. I added approximately 3/4 of a bag of filler to four of the bags. The last two bags were filled with about 1/2 bag of filler each. Tie each bag tightly with a knot. You could sew a liner using mesh fabric, but I opted to use the mesh bags to help speed up drying time. When we were done with the pool I took the bags of bean bag filler out and set them in the sun. I also tested out putting them into the dryer, and they dried very quickly this way!

Bean Bag Pool Float DIY

Finally, slide the bean bag filler bags into the pool float cover. I placed three bags first, with the two larger bags on the outsides and the smaller one in the middle. Then I repeated this again. The slight dip in the center helps create a cozy seat to rest in. Use the velcro closure to seal the mesh bags into the float cover.

DIY Bean Bag Pool Float

This float never sinks, even with kids climbing on and off it! They are having so much fun with this one-of-a-kind pool float. Have fun lounging in the pool this summer on your DIY bean bag filler pool float!

how to make a Bean Bag Pool Float


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