Make a nautical plant stand to create your own coastal decor!

nautical plant stand

Combine several unfinished wood items to create beach inspired decor for your home this summer! This nautical plant stand will look great on your patio or porch, and it’s very easy to make.


Nautical Plant Stand Supplies

  • Unfinished Wood Oars – 3
  • Round Wood Piece
  • Outdoor Paint – Grey
  • Stencil
  • Coastal Texture Paint – White
  • Corner Brackets
Step one: Paint the oars and the round wood top piece with the grey paint.  I used outdoor paint by Plaid Crafts since my plant stand will be on my covered patio, and I want the paint to withstand the weather.  After the first layer of paint had dried, I added a second application. Let the paint dry completely.
Step two:  Place a stencil on the round wood piece and tape it in place.  I used a round sand dollar stencil for my plant stand. Dab paint over the stencil.  Anytime you stencil you need to be sure to dab the excess paint off your sponge or brush before applying it to your piece. This will keep the paint from seeping under the stencil and smearing. Let the paint dry.
Step three:  Mark where the bracket will go on the oars and the table top.  Make pilot holes with a drill.
Note:  To make sure the three legs were evenly spaced, I printed a triangle out to use as my guide.  You can also measure 60 degree angles to find the correct placement.
Step four:  Attach the corner bracket to the oars and then attach the oars to the table top.
nautical plant stand
This nautical plant stand is unique and looks great! You can paint it any color to match your own decor.  I filled a netted container with some shells and faux succulents to finish off this piece. I don’t live near the beach, but I feel like I brought a bit of the beach home with this decorative DIY accent piece.
DIY coastal side table plant stand


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