This easy to make lollipop party decor is perfect for your next event!

lollipop party ideas

I love to decorate for my parties, but with everything that’s involved with party planning I don’t have time to do it all.  That’s why I love quick, simple party decor projects!  These sweet, simple ideas for a lollipop themed party take minutes to make, while still allowing you to add a handmade, custom touch to your party.

lollipop decorating ideas for party

Lollipop Party Decor Supplies

party decorating supplies

Cut 4 squares of pink tulle that are approximately 6 inches by 5 inches in size.  Layer the tulle and wrap them around the round orb lollipops.  Tie the tightly at the base of the lollipop using the pink curling ribbon.  Trim the excess tulle off the base of the lollipops to create an even edge.  Your table decor/party favors are now done!

lollipop balloon centerpiece

Inflate the balloons.  I did not use helium as I planned to use sticks to hold the balloons, but this project would work with helium balloons, too.

tulle on a balloon

Cut the white tulle so it is 4 times as long as the ballon is high.  For example, I inflated my balloons to about 6 inches in diameter, so I cut my tulle in strips that were 24 inches long.  Cut 6 pieces of tulle, and arrange them in a shape like a plus sign.  Pull the tulle tightly over the balloon, and tie the end with the curling ribbon.  Adjust the tulle as needed.

lollipop party decor DIY

Use wire cutters to cut a “branch” off the Double Gypso spray.  Wrap the piece around the base of the balloon.

Insert a plastic balloon stick inside the tied bunch of tulle.

balloons for party

To arrange the centerpiece, I placed the metallic iridescent balloon weight on top of a 4-inch circle of styrofoam.  I pressed the ends of the balloons sticks into the styrofoam, like you would when arranging flowers.  I covered the styrofoam base by arranging multiple pieces of the Double Gypso spray over and around the foam.

lollipop favors

This party decor is quick and easy to make, but it creates such a pretty effect!  I love the way the tulle makes the balloons and lollipops look so much more elegant and sweet.  Have fun crafting and creating your own party decor!

lollipop party decor how to make

I originally published this project on the Darice blog as a member of their design team.


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