This giant unicorn piñata tutorial will help you create a colorful centerpiece for your next party!

Giant unicorn piñata tutorial

Turn a party into a fiesta with this fun piece of decor!  This large unicorn pinata is a sturdy piece of decor that you can use again and again.  This would make a fun party centerpiece or prop for a photo booth.  Of course, you could fill it with candy and use it as a pinata, but who would want to smash this beautiful unicorn?
make a giant unicorn pinata

Giant Unicorn Piñata Tutorial Supplies

unicorn template
Use the template to measure and sketch your design on the foam core board.  My board measures 20 by 30 inches.  One square on the template equals one square inch, so count the number of squares to determine how many inches long each part will be.  Use a pencil and ruler to sketch on the board.
cut foam core board
Use a ruler and a craft knife to trace along the pencil lines.  Cut through the board carefully.
Cut the remaining pieces of foam board into strips that are 4 inches wide.  Use another foam board to cut additional 4 inch strips.
Use the glue gun to attach the four inch boards to one of the unicorn halves.  Cut the straight board pieces to fit the unicorn, then glue them on.
poly-fil polypellets in a pinata
Fill two sandwich bags with one pound of Poly-Pellets each.  Seal the bags and tape them to the base of the feet.  This will help keep the unicorn from toppling over too easily.
Giant unicorn piñata tutorial assembly
Use the glue gun to glue the other half of the unicorn to the straight boards.
Glue the triangles for the ears to the head of the unicorn.
Cut the fabric on the Oly-Fun bolt into strips that are two inches wide.  Cut the edges of each strip to create a fringe.
Giant unicorn piñata tutorial made with oly-fun unicorn pinata tutorial
Hot glue the fringed Oly-Fun to the unicorn base, starting with the feet.  Glue one strip, then glue another strip above it, slightly overlapping.  Repeat until the entire base is covered.
oly-fun fabric value pack oly-fun fabric rainbow
Select fabric in the colors of the rainbow from the Oly-Fun Craft Pack. Cut the fabric into strips that are 4 inches wide and as long as the longest side of the rectangle.  Fold one rainbow strip in half and cut into fringe for the mane.  Cut the other rainbow strips into long fringe for the tail of the unicorn.  Hot glue them in place.
how to make a Giant unicorn piñata tutorial
Cut eyes from black Oly-Fun fabric and glue them on.
Fold a pink sheet of Oly-Fun fabric in half, and roll it to make a cone shape.  Hot glue the edge to hold the cone shape, and trim off the end.  Hot glue the pink cone to the unicorn’s head.
Giant unicorn piñata tutorial project
I originally made this piece several years ago for Fairfield World, the makers of Oly-Fun Fabric. I’m still a design team member, and my daughter still has this displayed in her room! I’m so glad she still likes it. It’s a piece of decor that definitely brings a smile!



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