Use Oly-Fun fabric and Poly-Fil fiber fill to craft this octopus costume DIY! This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

DIY octopus costume for tweens

It can be hard to find a costume for tweens. A lot of store-bought options are too young or too mature for this in-between age group. They still want to dress up and have fun, without being too “little kid”. I was inspired by several dress designs to craft this octopus costume DIY for my daughter. I wanted the costume to look like a dress but still be a costume! This is what I came up with, and my daughter LOVES it. YAY!

how to make an octopus costume

The entire costume was made using bolts of Oly-Fun fabric from Fairfield World. This unique craft fabric is outstanding for costumes! It’s easy to cut and work with, and it’s very durable. You might remember some of my past costumes made with Oly-Fun fabric, like this incredibly cute Jack in the Box DIY costume. I used another Fairfield World product, a large box of Poly-Fil fiber fill, to complete the project.

octopus tentacles on costume DIY

Octopus Costume DIY Supplies Used

halloween costume DIY tutorial

I added elastic bands to two of the tentacles so that they move when she walks or moves her hands. It creates a fun illusion when she is walking and adds a lot of movement to the costume.

Video Tutorial with Complete Instructions

octopus costume tutorial

The suction cups on the tentacles add a fun pop of color to the costume. Oly-Fun fabric can be painted, so you could add glow in the dark paint to the round circles to make the costume stand out even more at night.

halloween costume for tweens

Have fun crafting and creating DIY costumes this year! I have loads of costume ideas….click on my tutorials tab above or use the search box for more handmade costume inspiration!

octopus costume DIY


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