This raven Nevermore sign DIY is a cool piece of home decor for Halloween or year round if you’re an Edgar Allen Poe fan! This is a sponsored post with StyleTechCraft Vinyl.

raven nevermore sign DIY

I am so excited that Halloween is on the horizon. Personally, I like to incorporate Halloween inspired elements in my decorating all the time, and this piece fits that perfectly. It’s a little spooky but also literary at the same time. I can keep it next to my books on my shelf year round as a tribute to literary greats like Poe, or move it to the mantle with my other mini skeletons for Halloween.

Nevermore sign DIY

I absolutely LOVE the contrast of the ultra matte chalk paint with StyleTech Craft’s Metalized vinyls. They are amazingly shiny and soooo pretty to look at. I have never seen a vinyl that looks this good. It really looks like a sheet of metal! Check out the different angles in the photos I took to see how good it looks. The chalk paint creates a muted background that lets the lettering and web really shine.

make a Halloween sign

Raven Nevermore Sign DIY Supplies

chalk paint for sign

Paint the wood blocks. I drybrushed a layer of the dark paint onto the block before covering it with the Rhubarb paint, to darken the appearance. I also drybrushed the lighter colors onto the dark block to distress it a little. Paint the bird black.

cut the vinyl letters

Design and cut the letters from the Metalized vinyl sheets.

transfer tape and vinyl

Weed the letters and transfer them to the painted wood blocks.

DIY Halloween decor

Use wood glue to glue the blocks together. Add the painted bird and the mini skull to the piece using clear wood glue.

raven Nevermore Edgar Allen Poe decor

Have fun crafting and creating spooky decor using vinyl!

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters

I am a proud member of the StyleTechCraft Design team.



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