These funny hand sanitizer labels make washing your hands fun! This is a sponsored post with

humorous hand sanitizer

It goes without saying that hand washing is sooooo very important right now. But why can’t it also be FUN? I can’t promise that these labels will necessarily make hand washing more fun, but it will definitely make it funnier!

funny hand sanitizer labels

I love to use printable sticker label sheets from for all my projects. The Maestro Label Designer makes it easy to design, download, and print my images perfectly. And these labels really stick! I use them for all my small business and gift crafting needs. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to design…I am sharing these labels for FREE on their website. Don’t have a printer? You can even have them print it for you. It couldn’t be easier!

printable bottle labels

Funny Hand Sanitizer Labels Supplies printable bottle labels

Download the free design template, and print it out on the precut labels. All that’s left to do is to peel and stick the labels on the bottles.

print at home labels

One ounce labels are the perfect size for these mini printable hand sanitizer labels. I like to use these bottles that are empty, so you can fill them with the hand sanitizer of your choice. Some people like scented, others like glittery, others need different products so they don’t trigger their allergies. Empty bottles make it easy to customize your content, just like these printable labels make it easy to customize your stickers!

funny hand sanitizer bottles

If you prefer to just order already made bottles and other fun custom gifts, check out my Etsy shop for these funny hand sanitizer bottles and lots more! Have fun crafting and creating with easy to customize printable sticker sheets from!



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