Make a rainbow unicorn jewelry hanger by using nested diamond die cuts and glittery Mod Podge. This is a sponsored post with Maker’s Movement.

DIY glitter unicorn jewelry hanger

With all the craziness in the world, we can never have too many rainbows and unicorns in my opinion! I used a fun new nested diamond die set from Maker’s Movement to make the groovy rainbow colored background for this cheery and colorful rainbow unicorn jewelry hanger! Mod Podge and paint with glitter already mixed it made it easy to give this project a lot of sparkle without a lot of mess.

DIY unicorn jewelry necklace hook

Rainbow Unicorn Jewelry Hanger Supplies

crossover II die cutting diamonds die

I didn’t separate the diamonds so I could nest the pieces together more easily. If you have already separated your dies, just use a little washi tape to keep the die in place while cutting.

makers movement nested diamond dies

Die cut the nested diamonds from various colors of cardstock. I used pink, purple, blue, and white. I cut three sets of diamonds from each color using my Crossover II die cutting machine.

arrange die cut diamonds

Play around with the shapes and colors until you have a pattern that you like.

mod podge wood panel

Brush the glitter Mod Podge onto the board, then place the diamonds on top of the wet adhesive.

mod podge paper diamonds onto wood

Add more Mod Podge as needed to glue all the diamonds onto the wood board.

glitter mod podge on paper and wood for unicorn jewelry hanger

Seal the paper with the Mod Podge and let it dry.

Plaid Ultra FX paint on unicorn

Paint the wood unicorn with the glitter paints. I put a lot of paint on it so it would be super glittery.

trim excess paper with craft razor

Use a craft knife to cut the excess paper off the wood. Seal the edges with more Mod Podge and let it dry.

papercraft unicorn necklace hook

When the Mod Podge and paint have dried, attach the hook to the back of the wood piece. Use Mod Podge or glue to attach the unicorn to the wood. Add a picture hanger to the back of the rainbow unicorn jewelry hanger and you’re done!


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