Skulls and flowers decor to DIY for your home decor or for Halloween decorating.

skulls and flowers decor

I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, new and old, colorful and dull. Contrasts can be beautiful. I’ve been collecting items from Goodwill San Antonio all summer to create this skulls and flowers decor. These sweetly gothic florals are great for Halloween decorating but pretty enough to keep around all year, if that’s your style.

skulls and flowers decor

Supplies Used for Skulls and Flowers Decor: (includes affiliate links)

Look for bird cages, baskets, candle holders, etc. at the thrift store that are large enough to hold the skulls and flowers.

Square and round baskets can be turned on their side to create florals, like I did with two of mine.

skulls and flowers decor

I spray painted one of the bird cages to make it silver. I sponged some of the others with Metallic Lustre to give them an aged appearance.

gothic florals

Florals are so much more affordable at Goodwill! I buy them whenever I find them. Even the weathered, aged, faded flowers are perfect for projects like this one!

skulls and flowers decor

Cut the floral foam to create the base. i inserted a wood craft dowel in the foam to balance the skull, then started adding the floral stems. I finished some of the skulls and flowers decor by gluing craft moss over the floral foam.

skulls and flowers decor

I stacked smaller skulls for some arrangements, like this one. Many of the pieces were finished off with artificial webs, to give them an aged, sinister appearance.

Spooky and pretty, don’t you think? For more elegant skull decor, see my post about skull couple decor, til death do us part.


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