Make unique skull couple decor for yourself or as a gift. This is a sponsored post.

skull couple decor
It’s my wedding anniversary! Maybe that’s why I had the phrase “till death do us part” pop into my head when I was planning this project. I found these pretty but slightly creepy wall candle holders at Goodwill San Antonio recently and knew I wanted to add something unique to them. This is what I came up with, and I’m pretty darn pleased with myself! Translucent vinyl from StyleTechCraft was just what I needed to create the stained glass look I wanted for this piece.

Supplies Used to make Skull Couple Decor:
  • Black wall candle holders from Goodwill San Antonio
  • Transparent Vinyl by StyleTechCraft
  • Metallic Vinyl by StyleTechCraft
  • Clear Transfer Tape from StyleTechCraft
  • Xyron Creative Station Lite with double sided laminate
  • Skull and background cut files from the Silhouette Store
  • Silhouette Cameo
I sized the background to fit the frame of the candle holder in Silhouette Studio and separated the elements by color. I cut the background pieces from blue, pink, green, and yellow transparent vinyl.
Cut the skull silhouettes from black metallic vinyl to match the frames.
Roll a 10 inch piece of laminate from the Xyron Creative Station Lite. This laminate is more lightweight than heat set laminate. If you don’t have a CS Lite you can use clear vinyl from the fabric store.
Start with the blue background. I found it was easier to place the entire blue piece on the laminate and then weed it, rather than weed and transfer. This helped keep the small pieces from bending into the wrong shapes.
Weed the yellow vinyl and add the pieces to the background.
Repeat with the green and pink transparent vinyls.
When the background is complete, place it behind the candle holder frame and trace it. Trim it to fit the frame.
DIY Skull Couple Decor
Use transfer tape to place the skull Silhouette on the background.
Make Skull couple decor
Glue the decorated laminate to the frame. I used E-6000 to attach it.
skull couple decor
Hang this very untraditional couple on the wall add candles. I love to juxtapose things like the bright background with the dark subject. What would you decorate these Goodwill candle holders with?
Trim the vellum around the vinyl to make the lampshade. Tape the edges of the vellum lampshade together using bits of the clear transfer tape. The transfer tape is so sheer you can’t even see it! Pop the groovy lampshades on the glasses and drop a battery operated tea light inside. When it's time to toast the new year guests can just remove the lampshades and lights.
provided the vinyl for this project.


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