This is a sponsored post with Goodwill San Antonio but the story and opinions are all my own!
This awesome massage chair is easily my most talked about and most favorite Goodwill find ever.  It almost didn’t come home with me but, in the end, it was meant to be.  Here’s the story of my infamous yellow retro massage chair.
I was making my rounds of the Goodwill San Antonio stores during their annual Rummage Around event.  Once a year, Goodwill SA pulls everything out and slashes prices for a weekend thirft store shopping extravaganza.  It’s so fun!  Not only is the selection huge, but the deals offered make this event impossible to pass up.  So, while my son was at soccer practice, I dropped in at the Goodwill on Bulverde Road.  I immediately noticed this chair, partly because of the bright color and partly because of the man sitting in it, making a video of himself.
He was pointing at the pads sticking out and commenting about how deadly it looked.  After he left, I took a picture of the chair and posted in on Facebook, asking “how many people do you think have been injured in this chair?” My friends promptly replied with lots of hilarity, and I continued shopping.
I was really, really intrigued by the chair, though.  What was it?  How could that be a comfortable or safe head massage?  Would my husband be mad if I bought it and added it to my eclectic furniture menagerie?  I headed back to the yellow chair.
By now there was a small crowd around it, looking at it, laughing, and talking about it.  I knew I wanted it now.  This was a statement piece if ever I saw one.  I watched as a couple took pictures in the chair, then the man took the lower half of the purchase tag off it.  Ugh!  I had waited too long.
I loitered a little, waiting to see if the couple changed their minds about buying the chair.  My son’s practice would be ending soon, so I finally had to leave.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about the chair.
When I got home my husband asked if I’d bought the chair.  He was intrigued by it, too.  I was so disappointed that I had missed out on this incredible find.
Three days later I was back in that area for soccer practice again, and went back to the store to see what was new. I was STUNNED to find the yellow chair near the front of the store.  It was still here! I grabbed the purchase tag and went to the registers. I was elated!
As we waited for someone to get a dolly to move the chair for us, the manager told me about the yellow chair.  A man who moved to Texas from California had brought it in still wrapped in plastic.  He claimed that it had been in storage for over 30 years!  It was like a preserved time capsule.  The employee who helped load the chair into my car told me what a great deal I had found.  He told me how much everyone who worked at the store had used the chair and what a great massage it gave.  I had not yet plugged in the chair and tried it so I had to take his word for it.
I headed back to pick my son up at soccer, but first I took a picture of the chair and shared it on Facebook.  My friends all laughed.  My husband cheered.  My son, upon entering the car, asked “WHAT IS THAT?”  I just beamed.
Once I finally got the massage chair home I was able to check it out thoroughly.  First, what was this thing?  I found a brand on the control panel near the seat.  It turns out this was made in Japan and imported to California in the 70s.  I can’t believe this idea didn’t catch on.  This chair is awesome!  Let me show you how it works.  I made a short video that highlights all the incredible functions of this one of a kind massage chair.  I am not exaggerating…people who sit in it LOVE this chair.  My kids use it all the time.  My guest’s first reaction is to ask what it is, and once I get them to try it I can’t get them out of it!

I can’t promise you’ll find a one of a kind Japanese massage chair in mint condition at the next Rummage Around event, but you might find something even cooler.  I know I can’t wait to see what goodies await us.  The 2018 Rummage Around extravaganza will be on Saturday, February 24th. The event is of course a great excuse to go shopping with your friends. However, this day is particularly special in that Goodwill is partnering with the Junior League of San Antonio in support of at least 10 local nonprofit organizations. Through this partnership, these local non-profit organizations receive Goodwill San Antonio gift cards to distribute to their clients.
See you there!
This retro massage chair is my favorite Goodwill San Antonio find ever. But it almost didn't come home with me! Here's the fun story...


  1. Can I ask???? How much did you pay for it? My GF in Washington found one at a garage sale! She paid $25! It’s looks brand new! I have yet to get in it yet….. 🙂

    • Wow, she got a great deal! They had priced it at $80 and I got it during the half off sale so I paid $40. I saw some listed on Craigslist for over $250 so I was going to try to flip it, but my kids begged me to keep it. Ha!


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