Turn a map into a lovely piece of home decor.
Raise your hand if you remember road maps! Impossible to fold back into shape, these former staples of family road trips have been replaced by handheld devices that can calculate your entire route for you.  While most of us don’t miss using road maps, they still carry a bit of nostalgia.  Map projects are hot!  Here’s a fun, simple way to recycle an old map into a special piece of home decor.


  • Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding
  • AD Paper Chipboard
  • Stick It Adhesive
  • Map (print one if you can’t find one!)
Step one:  Take apart and wipe the frame clean.  Paint it with Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding.  Two light applications are plenty.
part-2B1Step two:  Peel one side off the adhesive and attach it to the chipboard.  Die cut a heart shape, and paint it with the Liquid Gilding.
part-2B2Step three:  Use the glass from the frame to trace the shape onto the section of the map you wish to use.  Cut the map.
Step four:  Peel the backing off the adhesive and attach the heart shape to the map.  Reassemble the frame.
I made my project as a Valentine’s gift, but it would make a great wedding, graduation, or all occassion present.  We all have cities and places that hold special memories, and this is one way of preserving one of those memories.  Have fun crafting and creating!
Turn a map into a lovely piece of home decor.

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