Updated tins and frames to create DIY shabby chic decor.

This pretty shabby chic floral display is a simple project that packs a lot of punch!  I love to use paint and stencils to add a little character to basic home decor items.  Keep reading to learn how easy it is to create this DIY shabby chic decor for spring.

DIY shabby chic decor

DIY Shabby Chic Decor Supplies

  • Unfinished wood frame
  • Metal drawer handles
  • Fabric
  • Pink paint
  • White paint
  • Stencil
  • Galvanized tin containers
  • Fabric Flowers
  • E-6000 glue
shabby chic tray
Step one:  Remove the backing and the glass from the unfinished wood frame.  Set these items aside for later.
glue handles
Step two:  Use E-6000 adhesive to glue the handles onto the ends of the wood frame. Let the adhesive dry completely before painting.
paint shabby chic
Step three:  Paint the entire frame and the handles with Chalky Finish Paint in pink.  Let the first application dry before adding a second layer of paint.  Let it dry completely.
chalky finish paint
Step four:  Accent the handle design by filling in part of it with Chalky Finish Paint.
Step five: Cut a piece of remnant fabric to fit the picture frame.  Place the fabric behind the glass of the frame, and reattach the back of the frame.  Use a screwdriver to remove the arm behind the frame so that the tray can sit flatly on the surface.
paint tin
Step six:  Place a flourish stencil on the galvanized tin decorative containers.  Use a pouncer to pick up a bit of white paint, dab the excess paint off, and sponge over the stencil.  Repeat as desired to create the desired effect.  Peel off the stencil when done, and let the paint dry.
Step seven:  Fill the containers with various spring florals, and arrange them on your new tray!
DIY shabby chic decor rustic home
The fun thing about making your own decor is that you can use colors, fabric, and stencils that match your personal style!


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