Learn how to make this love bird decor DIY to decorate with.

love bird decor DIY

These sweet little love birds just make me smile! Give these unfinished Darice wood birds a pretty, rustic look when you use milk paint and doily inspired textiles. This piece of decor will add lovely charm to your home.

shelf with love bird decor DIY

Love Bird Decor DIY Supplies

  • Darice Wood Table Top Bird
  • Darice Funky Heart Shape
  • Darice Doily Die
  • Folk Art Milk Paint (Pink, Jade, Light Green, Yellow)
  • Fabric (Canvas and lace)

supplies for decor project

Note: Darice was shut down by Michael’s and it is getting harder to find their products. My friends on Etsy have been able to create a similar version of these wood birds.

milk paint on wood cut outgreen and pink milk paint

Step one: Paint the body of the bird with the desired color. I painted one light pink and the other a dark jade green.  I used milk paint so the decorative piece would have a rustic appearance.  Once the paint on the bird has dried, paint the legs, beak, and the base of the stand as desired.

red milk paint on wood heart

Step two: Paint the front and back of the wood heart red.

doily dies doily die cut

Step three: Cut the lace doily from fabric. To prevent fraying, I added an adhesive backing to the fabric using a Xyron sticker maker. Then I cut the fabric with the paper backing attached. Use the same doily die to cut 4 wing shapes from the fabric. Adhere the “wings” to the bird.


Step four: Attach lace fabric to the red painted wood heart. I used Mod Podge fabric to attach the lace, and when the lace was dry I trimmed off the excess fabric.

love bird painted close up

Step five: Arrange the birds so they are facing each other, and glue the heart between their beaks.  I used a dab of wood glue and let it dry for several hours.

love bird decor tutorial

The heart isn’t firmly attached, so I placed a piece of cardboard under both birds to move the piece. Both sides are painted, so the design is reversible. This would make an adorable piece of table decor for a bridal shower, or even an cute, unconventional cake topper for a wedding! Have fun crafting and creating this pair of love birds!

I originally published this tutorial on the Darice blog as a member of their design team.


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