This dress form door stopper DIY will show you how to create your own cute decorative project using Poly-Pellets. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

Spring is one of the few seasons in the area that I live in where I can open the windows and let the fresh air in. I love the feeling of a cool spring breeze waking up the house after winter’s slumber. One of the downsides to open windows, though, is doors that slam shut. Instead of an unsightly plastic wedge door stopper, I decided to make something cute to prop open the door for my craft room.

DIY dress form door stopper

This dress form door stopper DIY is easy enough for beginners to make, and you don’t need many supplies to make it. Poly-Pellets from Fairfield World help the dress form “mannequin” keep it’s shape. The pellets are enough to weigh the door stopper down but not so heavy that you can’t move it easily. If you don’t need it as a door stopper you could add some Poly-Fil with the pellets to turn it into a pretty pin cushion instead.

dress form door stopper DIY

Dress Form Door Stopper DIY Supplies

dress form pattern

I made a short 5 minute video to show you how to make this dress form door holder. Before you start you will want to print out this pattern on regular sized paper. You can shrink or enlarge it to make the project any size you want, of course.

DIY mannequin door stopper

So many door stoppers are child like or clunky. I like having a chic, sewing inspired alternative door holder for my craft room, and I hope you will like it, too! Have fun crafting and creating with Poly-Pellets!


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