Decorate your home or classroom with this fun school rules DIY sign project! This is a sponsored post with Plaid Crafts.

rainbow school sign tutorial

Whether virtual, homeschool or in person, school is just around the corner! This fun DIY sign is a cute way to decorate any space. Use it to show your enthusiasm for school (school rules!!!) or to draw attention to classroom rules. The vibrant colors of Apple Barrel paints are perfect for creating decor in any space!

color wash sign

School Rules DIY Sign Supplies

This short video tutorial shows you how easy this project is to make! Check it out:

How to Make this Project

1. Create a wash by mixing one part Mod Podge with one part paint. This will dilute the paint just enough so the numbers and lines on the ruler will show through, but still gives a vibrant color finish. You can use Glossy Mod Podge if you want a shiny finish.

2. Paint each of the six rulers with a different color wash. The assortment has all the colors you need to create a beautiful rainbow inspired palette.

3. Paint the letters to spell “school rules” using Apple Barrel White Paint. Don’t dilute this paint. I applied a second layer of paint after the first had dried to give it a crisp, bright finish.

4. Use Mod Podge to glue the rulers together to make the board for the sign.

5. Arrange the letters as desired and glue them on with more Mod Podge.

6. Glue a ribbon to the back of the sign to display.

make a school rules sign

This sign works as either a motivational sign or to highlight where classroom rules are displayed. Have fun crafting and creating for back to school!

school rules sign


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