Make flavored sugar to add a little something extra to your food and drinks! This is a sponsored post.

flavored sugar DIY

Sugar is already sublime, but take it up several notches by adding in amazing flavors! I’m going to show you three ways to add flavor to sugar and even throw in a free printable that you can use to label your sweet sugars with. Flavored sugars are a fun and easy gift to make for party hosts and friends, and labels make the gift look polished and professional. I always use printable sticker labels from to add the perfect finishing touch to my handmade gifts.

Flavored Sugar Recipes with Free Printable Labels

Supplies Used to make Flavored Sugar:

Flavored Sugar Recipes with Free Printable Labels

Download and print the labels on OL6300WX printable sticker paper from Size the image to print at 100% so it will fit the paper perfectly.

Lemon-Mint Sugar: Peel the skin off one lemon. Try to just get the yellow, outer layer and not too much of the white inside. Dry the lemon skin and 10-12 mint leaves. I used the warmer in my oven to dry them.

(pssst….like my sugar container label? I have a free printable for that, too! Click HERE.)

Place the dried lemon rind and dried mint leaves in a food processor, and mix until you have a fine powder. Add 1/2 cup of sugar and shake to mix well. You can mix the sugar in the food processor but then it will have a finer, almost powdery, consistency.

Flavored Sugar Recipes with Free Printable Labels

This lemon-mint sugar is perfect for adding a little zing to hot tea. Also add it to homemade lemonade or to strawberry drinks to change the flavor a bit. I just love the combination of lemon and mint…it’s so refreshing!

Flavored Sugar Recipes with Free Printable Labels

Strawberry Sugar: I purchased dehydrated strawberries at the grocery store and placed about 1/2 cup in my food processor. Blend them to a powder, then add 1/2 cup sugar and shake the two ingredients until they are mixed.

Strawberry sugar is perfect for rimming cocktail glasses! Use this for you mimosas, margaritas, and other drinks!

Apple-Cinnamon Sugar: Use dehydrated apple slices from the store to make this tasty flavored sugar recipe. Use about 1/4 cup of apple with 1 teaspoon cinnamon. (This is really up to you…some like more cinnamon and others like less, so adjust all of these recipes as desired.) Use the food processor to mix the apples with cinnamon. When it is a powder, add in 1/2 cup of sugar and mix.

Flavored Sugar Recipes with Free Printable Labels

My kids love to put apple-cinnamon sugar on their toast, but it also tastes wonderful in hot tea!

Use a funnel to add the sugar to cute little glass jars. Finish off the jars with the adorable and easy to print labels, and add a bit of ribbon to embellish them. These cute jars are adorable either to display on the counter or to give as gifts!



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