These retro Christmas shadowbox ornaments are unique and very easy to make! This is a sponsored post with

make shadow box ornaments for Christmas

I paired some fabulous retro graphics and papers with Christmas findings and printable papers from to quickly craft these retro Christmas shadowbox ornaments. Aren’t they fun? They could work as decor or as ornaments. Once I have my tree up I’m going to hot glue ribbon to the backs of the boxes so I can hang these on my Christmas tree!

retro Christmas ornament DIY

Retro Christmas Shadowbox Ornament Supplies printables retro theme

Take the boxes apart. You will only use one half for each ornament. Print the background paper on the white matte label, then peel and stick it in the box. The rectangles fit perfectly in the boxes, while you will have to cut them in half to fit the longer necklace box.

supplies for making a christmas shadow box

Print the people on cardstock and fussy cut them out. I love how vivid the colors are when I print on paper! The ink doesn’t smear, either. Use foam dots to layer and place the images in the boxes.

add foam dots to shadow box

Add in different ornaments and miniature figures to create an arrangement you like. I like the snowflake in the background with little fun pieces resting on the bottom of the box. The deer head ornament was perfect for the long box with the Santa dad!

Mod Podge and fake snow

Paint Mod Podge around the edges of the boxes, and sprinkle fake snow on the wet glue. Shake the excess snow off and let the project dry.

MCM retro Christmas ornament DIY

It’s so fabulous and unique, isn’t it? There are so many fun ways you can make this ornament by changing the images and the miniatures. Glue a ribbon to the back and then you can hang these fun mini art pieces on your tree. Have fun crafting and creating for Christmas!

retro Christmas shadow box decor


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