This Aladdin inspired door curtain is a fun way to dress up any room! I originally published this project on the DecoArt website as a member of their design team.

aladdin door curtain

Last weekend my husband and I took our two youngest kids to their first musical: Aladdin! We knew the music and story would make this a great first experience for them, and the show didn’t disappoint. The fantastic stage design reminded me of this fun project I made for my daughter’s room years ago. It hung over her door until this year, when we moved her to a different room in the house and completely changed the colors of her room. This Aladdin inspired door curtain was a HUGE hit with all her friends.

Aladdin Inspired Door Curtain Supplies

  • Oly-Fun Fabric in Bubble Gum and Blue
  • Two tension curtain rods
  • 24K Gold Metallic Paint by DecoArt
  • Craft Twinkles: Champagne and Gold
  • Stencil: Moroccan Tile by DecoArt
Measure the length of the door and add 4 inches. Cut this length from the bolts of Oly-Fun fabric. (Instead of the bolt you can also buy Oly-Fun by the yard at JoAnn and Walmart.) Open the fabric (it is folded in half) and cut it along the crease to create the panels. Place the Oly-Fun fabric on a drop sheet to protect your work area.
stencil gold
Place the stencil on the fabric. Use a stencil brush to apply the Matte Metallic 24K Gold paint all over the fabric. Let the paint dry.
Place the stencil on the pink fabric. Use a stencil brush with the Gold Craft Twinkles paint to create the glittery pattern on the fabric.
Place the stencil over the gold design and add Champagne Craft Twinkles. Let the paint dry.
Paint a yellow sheet of Oly-Fun Fabric with Gold Craft Twinkles. Let the glitter paint dry completely.
hang curtain
Fold the top three inches of the fabric down and use hot glue to create a “tube” to insert the tension rods in. Hang the pink panels on one rod first, then hang the blue panels up.  Use the yellow pieces to tie back the curtains. Wrap them around the curtains and hot glue the ends together. Hang a lantern in between the panels.
aladdin inspired door curtain


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