What is it about beards on kids that is SO FUNNY? I’ve made a few and it makes everyone laugh every single time. I’m sharing my fast and easy way to make beards using Poly-Fil Dark. You’ll be amazed at how light and realistic this DIY beard is!

DIY beard lincoln costume

DIY Beard Supplies

I made a very short (one minute!) video to show you how easy it is to make this DIY beard. Enjoy!

How to Make a DIY Beard:

  1. Use a plate to create a beard shape on the felt fabric. Draw the outline and make sure it will fit the child’s face. If you want to also add a mustache, you can create a more circular shape and then cut an opening for the child’s mouth. Cut the felt fabric shape out.
  2. Use fabric glue to add tufts of Poly-Fil Dark to the felt fabric. Use small pieces and continue adding glue and then the fiber fill. Press the fiber fill down into the fabric glue. Continue until the felt is covered, and let the glue dry completely.
  3. Spray the Poly-Fil Dark beard generously with hair spray. Any brand will do, just make sure it’s really stiff! Let the hairspray dry (you can use a hair dryer if needed).
  4. Once the hairspray is dry it will be very easy to trim the beard. Use sharp scissors and trim the edges to create a clean look.
  5. Cut a strip of elastic and attach it to the edges of the beard. You can sew or tie the elastic on by cutting a slit at the edge of the beard.

DIY beard tutorial

Wear a hat to hide the elastic that holds the beard in place. Here’s a look at a quick beard I made for “dress like a teacher” day that includes a mustache, too:


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