Fun pattern combinations are almost limitless with this easy to make, tangram inspired wood block puzzle.  No painting required – just use washi tape!

My second son loves puzzles, and I had promised to make him a Tangram to play with.  After seeing this idea, however, I decided it would be more fun to make a pattern puzzle with blocks!

I started with 6 one inch wood cubes that I already had.  I painted them white with DecoArt crafters paint.

Next, I covered each side using my washi tape.  I adhered it to the block and cut off the excess.  For the tiny triangles, I placed a strip of washi tape on my cutting mat and used a metal ruler and my razor to cut them before I adhered them.

The patterns I used are pictured above:  two solid sides, two sides with two large triangles, and two sides with four triangles.

As a final step, I sealed each side with Mod Podge, so the tape can’t come off.

Hand the blocks to a child and watch them create and explore.
When I asked my son how they were, his response was “AWESOME!”
I carry them in my bag, along with my other puzzle cubes, as a fun “while we’re waiting” activity.
Thank you for letting me share another fast, frugal, yet fabulous project with you! 
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