This worry monster pillow will help little ones ease their anxieties. This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

Worry Monster Pillow

Life certainly gives us lots to worry about, and kids aren’t immune to the “what ifs”. I made this worry monster pillow to help little ones express things that are bothering them and hopefully resolve them.

DIY Worry Monster Pillow

Kids can write their worries down and feed them to the worry monster pillow. The mouth is a pocket that can chomp up lots of things that kids fear! I think it would be helpful for a trusted adult to talk to the child about what’s concerning them, and then talk about possible solutions for the worry. After the issue has been successfully addressed and the worry lifted, the worry can be written on a piece of paper and fed to the worry monster, never to be seen again!

Worry Monster Pillow tutorial

Worry Monster Pillow Supplies

  • Two 12″ Squares of green Cuddle Fabric by Shannon Fabrics
  • One 12″x3″ strip of pink Cuddle fabric
  • One 12×15″ piece of Faux Fur Fabric
  • Stiffen Interfacing by Fairfield World
  • Fairfield Poly-Fil Fiberfill
  • Two large Buttons

I used super soft cuddle fabric and faux fur fabric from Shannon Fabrics to make this worry monster pillow ultra soft. The cushiony Poly-Fil from Fairfield world makes this plush pillow as soft as it can possibly be! Fairfield World has a “We Make for Good” program where they donate product to help charities that sew and give away handmade items to help others. These plush and cute pillows are quick and easy to make, and you could easily make dozens to give to kids in the hospital or at schools!

Please enjoy my short video tutorial to get all the details! I hope you enjoy making your own Worry Monster pillow after watching this tutorial video:

we make for good


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