Make your own zombie family vinyl car decals. Full tutorial with free cut file.

My husband and I are huge Walking Dead fans. HUGE! So much so that last Christmas I bought him zombie slippers. If you follow the show, then you know that the season ended recently and there is a long, excruciating wait till the fall, when season five begins. In the meantime, I’m keeping my zombie brain busy with “dead” crafts.

I’m staying busy in the WD “off season” by crafting a few zombie things. One thing I made is this zombie stick family for my husband’s car. He loves it! Keep reading till the end, because I’m giving you a chance to win your own set! ***Giveaway has ended***

To make your own zombie family, you’ll need: a Silhouette cutting machine, white adhesive vinyl, and transfer tape.

Step one: Download a free zombie image online and import it into your Silhouette Studio software. Use the “trace” feature to trace the zombies and create the cut file.  **You can also download a free file here.

Step two: Cut the figures from the vinyl. Weed the vinyl.

Step three: Apply transfer tape over the figures.

Step four: Clean the car window thoroughly, and use the transfer tape to move the vinyl from the paper to the car window. Press it on and push out any air bubbles before removing the transfer tape.

Your car has now been zombified!



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