I think gnomes are adorable, and when I stumbled across these adorable Swedish gnomes on Pinterest I had to have them.  Since a shopping trip to Sweden is out of the question, I had to make my own.  This project is simple and easy to make, and I love that I can change the shape of his bendable hat whenever I want.  Keep reading to learn how to make your own gnome decor.
This post first appeared on the Fairfield World Blog, where I am on the design team.


  • Styrofoam Cone
  • Oly*Fun Fabric
  • Poly-Fil
  • Wood Doll Head
  • Craft Wire
  • Straight Pins
  • Glue gun

Step one:  Cut and wrap a piece of Oly*Fun fabric around the bottom half of the cone.  Pin it in place.

Step two:  Measure a piece of Oly*Fun fabric to make the hat.  Pin it and sew the edge together, then turn it inside out.

Step three:  Double a piece of craft wire and insert it into the top of the cone.  Slide the hat over the wire and pin it in place.

Step four:  Paint the wood doll head to make the nose.

Step five:  Hot glue the Poly-Fil on the “face” to make a beard, then glue the nose on.

You can bend the wire inside the hat to twist and twirl the hat as you like.  This gnome stands nicely on a flat surface, but if he’s going in the garden you can push a stake in the bottom of the cone to keep him from tipping over.  I’m planning to make several more in different sizes and colors to nestle in my garden!  Have fun crafting and creating!


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