Make creepy clown wreaths to let people know they are not welcome.

creepy clown wreaths

A few years ago I shared a tutorial for how to make a Pennywise wreath using a tulle and a free printable image that I created. Shortly after I shared that tutorial, I found an incredibly unique and scary clown mask at Goodwill San Antonio. It was exactly what I wanted to update my wreath.

creepy clown wreaths

I added the horrifying dinosaur (or is it some kind of monster?) clown face to the center of the wreath I had already made, and it became my new favorite Halloween wreath. This thing can be seen from the street and it really freaks people out!

creepy clown wreaths

I loved the project so much that I started collecting clown masks when I found them at Goodwill so I could make more wreaths. I loved this big, creepy clown mask that I found over the summer. Since it already had black hair, I decided to use black tulle instead of red to complete the wreath. I think I made the right choice! I had the wreath for sale at my first market booth and it got a ton of attention. I had no idea so many people were afraid of clowns! There was lots of interest in the mask and it sold fairly quickly.

scary clowns

I bought this blank face mask on a whim, not sure what I would do with it. I had a different clown mask I was going to use with this creepy clown wreath, but then I placed the blank face mask in the center and knew it would be perfect. Something about the missing face just “ups” the creep factor with this wreath. I took it to a second market and while it scared a lot of kids (and grown ups too) it did not sell. This wreath is still available, and you can email me for more information if you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind creepy clown wreaths!


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