Creepy Doll Decor…our spooky Halloween theme for 2021!

creepy doll costumes for halloween

My husband and I really love to decorate for Halloween. I usually come up with some wacky theme, and he helps me make it as spooky as possible. This year I decided to decorate with a creepy doll theme!

creepy place doll party

Last year we had a fun CarnEvil theme for our decorating, and it even made it into the local paper! It was fun to share our story and craft with the community, and I hope we can inspire others to have fun decorating for holidays, especially Halloween!

creepy dolls on bed

I don’t personally find dolls to be creepy, but quickly realized how freaked out people get by dolls after adding a few creepy dolls to my decor last year. As I bought dolls at thrift stores I witnessed countless customers and cashiers shudder and tell me how creepy a doll was.

creepy doll in cage

I put out a call to friends and offered to take any unwanted dolls off their hands. It was funny how many people had dolls in the attic or in boxes that they were itching to unload. They were more than happy to give them to me!

hidden creepy dolls

I had originally planned to distress and “spook” up the dolls, but after seeing everyone’s reactions to plain old dolls I decided to leave most of them as is. I did have fun altering a few of them, and I will continue to play around with several of the dolls after Halloween has passed.

creepy moving doll

This doll moves! Someone had her in a barn and let me have her for just $5! Unfortunately, her stand was broken and when I set her out she immediately fell on her face and smashed it. This is how I repaired her face. She’s the tiniest, spookiest trick or treater now! Check out the video to see her in action.

creepy doll drink

I’ve been posting lots of these pictures on my social media channels, especially Instagram, but neglected to post them here on my site. Hopefully this inspires some of you to start collecting dolls now for next year’s Halloween decor!

creepy doll costumes

My daughter and I even decided to dress as creepy dolls for Halloween this year!

creepy doll halloween costumes

Keep scrolling to see more pics of our creepy doll decor, and happy Halloween!

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