Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? My kids are crazy about them, so I did a little dino themed crafting and took them to see some realistic looking dinosaurs!


The Witte Museum in San Antonio has an amazing new exhibit! My youngest two enjoyed it so much that we went through the exhibit TWICE. Initially, they were apprehensive of the moving dinos.  Once they realized that they weren’t real, though, they stood in eager anticipation at each display, waiting for the dinosaur to “wake up.” While the dino’s feet are stationary, almost everything else moves. And they make noise! It’s truly a must see!


In addition to the dinosaurs, there are tons of hands on activities for the kids. The palentology “pit” was very popular. Instead of sand, the box houses a foam like material. It’s fun for the kids to play in and very low mess. My kids also enjoyed the iPads at most displays, which allowed them to view the dinosaurs bones, see the dino in infrared light, or learn more about the animal.


We had such a blast that we’re going back this week (Spring Break) so my two oldest can check out the exhibit. They’ll be wearing these fun t-shirts I made them. Yes, there’s a T-Rex on the shirt. 🙂 Visit me here at  Dollar Store Crafts to find the dino and learn how easy it is to make this shirt.


If you’d like to learn more about visiting the Witte Museum, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.


Disclosure: This is not a paid post. I visited the museum as part of a blogger group invited by the Witte, and all opinions and ideas are my own.


  1. I’ve seen that shirt on Pintrest and it CRACKS me up so much. I’m excited to check out the tutorial you have for it!

  2. I’m so sad my family missed out on attending the event at The Witte Meusum. Thank you for sharing your pictures and I love the shirt idea. I plan to make one for my son!


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