I spend a lot of time choosing which colors to use in a project, and it’s frustrating sometimes to be limited by your paint choices.  A great new line of multipurpose paints from Folk Art makes it easy to coordinate all your projects in a room.  This one paint works on multiple surfaces, ranging from plastic to wood to fabric, and everything in between!

The paints are also machine washable AND dishwasher safe, so this opens up a world of crafting opportunities.  Both the paints and the stencils are available at Michael’s stores.  I used the new paints with some brand new Handmade Charlotte stencils to create a fun hanging sign.

I loved Shrink Plastic as a kid, but I always colored it with markers, which smeared and left a dull color.  I was curious to see if these paints worked with Shrink Plastic.  Do they ever!  I love the vibrant colors of my miniatures!  They look like cute, store bought embellishments, but they’re hand made and match perfectly with the wood sign I stenciled.

Supplies Used:
Stencil:  Handmade Charlotte’s Celestial
Folk Art Multi Surface Paints:  Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, Daffodil Yellow, Apple Red, Vivid Orange
Shrink Plastic
Wood plaque
Beading Wire

Step one:  Use the stencil to paint the shrink plastic.

Step two:  Once it’s dried, cut out the shapes and punch a hole in each one.  Bake the shapes according to package instructions.  (Side note:  mine took longer to bake than the package said.  Be patient, and don’t freak out when they start curling!  Mine flipped completely over, but finally went flat in the end.)

This is how much it shrank!

Step three:  Paint the wood plaque and stencil the lettering on.

Step four:  Twist a piece of wire onto the shape, then coil or shape as desired.  I wanted springs and loops to simulate movement in outer space.

Step five:  Glue the wire onto the wood plaque.  I used E-6000 to glue one spring to the front, and the others to the back.  I held them in place with tape while the glue dried.

To make the piece look more finished and to keep the wire from scratching the wall, I cut a piece of felt and glued it to the back of the plaque.

I’m tickled with this wood hanging.  The fun colors, images, and movement help bring the saying to life.  To the moon and back….let’s go!

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