It’s a new year and time to start fresh and tame some of that clutter!  Storage and organizational tools can get expensive when you buy them new, but not if you shop at Goodwill San Antonio.  Keep reading for DIY project ideas for how to update Goodwill items to add style and order to your home.

Goodwill is always my first stop for crafting supplies and organizational items, and my last trip did not disappoint.  I found an awesome storage ottoman for just $25 (that post is coming soon…after the paint dries!) and several other items to DIY with.  Here’s how I made a cool wall hook for my son’s room.

I found a two pack of wood trivets and several letter wall hooks.  While I didn’t need the letter R, I couldn’t pass up a 99 cent hook.  With a little black spray paint and Mod Podge, I was ready to make something.  I found almost all the items used at Goodwill.


  • Wood plaque
  • Wall hook
  • Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Metal sheet
  • Chalkboard Vinyl
  • Game pieces
  • Magnets

Step one:  Paint the plaque and hook.

Step two:  Mod Podge a piece of paper onto the plaque.

Step three:  Paint a metal sheet (or use vinyl, like I did) and glue it to the plague.

Step four:  Screw or nail the hook onto the back of the plaque.

Step five:  Glue magnets to game pieces to decorate the board.

Now my son has a fun place to write notes, pin pictures to, and hang his hats from.  One little piece with lots of uses, and made for just a few bucks.

While I was at Goodwill, I also found this wonderful cork board/chalkboard combo.  It looks EXACTLY like one at Pottery Barn, and is much less expensive at just $4.99.  There was a small cut in the cork, so I simply covered the cork board with some scrap fabric and it looks like new again.

There are lots of ways to get organized with Goodwill finds, and I’ve shown several ideas on my blog.  Click here to see other tutorials that will help you get organized with Goodwill!

Disclosure:  I am an official Goodwill 2014 Blogger.  All ideas and opinions are my own.


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