Feast and family holidays are just around the corner!  Thanksgiving and the winter holidays can often mean lpot luck meals and get togethers both at hoe and at work.  I enjoy celebrating the various holidays with family and friends, and planning meals pot luck style makes it easier for everyone (especially the hostess!) to relax and enjoy a home cooked meal.  To help you get your dish to the party in style, you’ll want a casserole carrier!  Here are ten tutorials that will show you how you can craft your own dish carrier.

This post first appeared at Fairfield World, where I am a Master Maker.

Who doesn’t love dessert?  This Pie Carrier Tote will help you carry your homemade pie in style!




I received something very similar to this years ago, and I still love to use it!  Learn how to make your own here:  Casserole Cover Tutorial

Clever!  I often forget to bring a serving spoon, but this holder will help you remember it!  Carrier with Utensil Holder














I just love this design!  Beautiful way to carry a dish!

DIY Casserole Carrier

Insulated Casserole Carrier.  Perfect for keeping hot plates hot and cold dishes cool!

Of course!  Machine Washable Casserole Carrier

Great for summer picnics and parties!  Patriotic Carrier

No worries about tipping anything over with this carrier!  “Cozy Toter” Carrier

This cute hobo style is a classic!  Quilted, Insulated Carrier

Do you have a favorite casserole carrier design?  With all the variety of fabrics and designs available, there’s no limit to what you can create!  These also make great gifts for the holidays, so you can try several of these tutorials out and make several different styles for the different people on your gift list this winter.  Have fun crafting and creating!


  1. Just as I was getting ready to pin your post (I’m a little obsessed with casserole carriers) I saw my patrotic carrier in your round up. Thank you for including me!


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