This cactus pin cushion tutorial will show you how to craft functional decor! This is a sponsored post.

pin cushion that looks like a cactus

I have always loved pin cushions that are unique and fun to look at! I like when functional items can double as decor, and that’s what a cute pin cushion can do to a work space. The new special edition fabric cutting die from Crafter’s Edge was the perfect size and shape for making a cactus pin cushion tutorial!

how to make a cactus pin cushion

Supplies Used for this Cactus Pin Cushion Tutorial

supplies for cactus

All of Crafter’s Edge fabric dies are designed to cut multiple layers of fabric in one cut. This is such a big timesaver!

crossover 2 die cutting

Even as thick is felt is, I was able to cut two pieces perfectly with just one pass through my Crossover II die cutting machine.

cactus die cut from felt fabric

I cut two cacti out of the dark green felt. This way I have one for each side of the pin cushion.

blanket stitch

Pin the two pieces of die cut felt together. Use a blanket stitch to stitch the two pieces to each other. Leave an opening at the base of the cactus.

blanket stitched cactus from felt

This is what it will look like when you are done.

poly fil stuffing in cactus

I used the stick that came with my package of Poly-Fil to gently push small amounts of Poly-Fill into the cactus. I filled the “arms” first before filling the center. Don’t over pack the middle section, since you will need to add a dowel rod later.

sytrofoam balls base for cactus pin cushion

Insert a dowel rod into the felt cactus. Add styrofoam or floral foam to a terracotta post. You can use hot glue if needed to hold the foam in place. Cut a circle of tan felt to cover the styrofoam with, and cut a hole in the center for the stick.

pin cushion cactus DIY

Slide the stick into the foam. You can add glue if needed, but mine is holding firmly in the foam. I embellished it with a small red flower, and then I started adding pins. It’s looking like a real cactus plant now! I just love the way this little cactus looks on my desk! Have fun crafting and creating a cute and functional cushion with this cactus pin cushion tutorial!


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