Upcycle cassette tapes to make fun organizers for your desk.

upcycle a cassette tape

Happy Earth Day! I’m one of those people who hates to throw anything away and hoards holds onto stuff with the hope that I can find another use for it. A lot of times it’s fun to make something instead of buy it new! While I still have a cassette player and some of my favorite cassettes to listen to, lots of people don’t. On a recent visit to Spare Parts (a creative reuse facility) I saw that cassettes were priced at 20 for just $1.

upcycle cassette tapes into organizer

I quickly loaded 20 cassettes into my cart and started thinking of what I could make with them. I decided to go with something functional and came up with this idea. I wanted a fun pen holder for my desk, and I also needed a spot to keep my sticky notes and other little pieces of paper that are always on my work space. This piece is fun, colorful, and makes me smile when I look at it on my desk.

cassette tapes ways to recycle

Upcycle Cassette Tapes Organizer Supplies

  • Cassette Tapes (with the plastic case removed)
  • Square plastic base
  • Super Glue

recycle cassettes

  1. I started out by taking the cassettes out of the plastic cases if they still had one. Then I chose the colors I wanted to use and arranged the cassette tapes into a design that would hold together and be functional. If you look at the note pad holder you’ll see that some tapes are upside down. You can arrange the tapes in a way that is pleasing to your eye.
  2. Use the super glue to stick two tapes together. Hold them together while the glue sets. They add another tape. For the notepad holder I glued pairs first, then glued the pairs together.
  3. For the pen and pencil holder I repurposed a square that I had printed with my 3D printer. It was a piece I made when I was learning how to use the printer. Look through your recycle bin to find something that you can glue to the base. Even a square of scrap craft wood would work!


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