Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creepy Candy Bowl

When I hand out candy at Halloween, I like to give a little trick with the treat.  This spooky hand popping out of a candy bowl is a fun way to send a shiver down someone's spine!

(This post was initially published at Crafts Unleashed.)

Clear, Deep 4 quart bowl - 11 inches
Silver spray paint
Black Acrylic paint
Plastic spiders
Paper Mache Hand Display with Base
Green spray paint
Mod Podge Shimmer
Press on Nail Party Kit
Glue Gun

For the faux pewter bowl:

1.  Spray paint the bowl silver.

2.  Brush on black acrylic paint in small sections.

3.  Wipe paint off with a dry cloth by gently rubbing in a circular motion.

4.  Glue the spiders and other critters on.

For the spooky hand:

1.  Spray paint it green.

2.  Paint on Mod Podge shimmer to give it some depth and a slimy glow.

3.  Glue the fake nails on.

4.  Glue the base of the hand into the bowl.

All that's left to do is fill the bowl with treats and watch your friend's reactions!

Happy Haunting!

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