Last week I showed you an easy way to “glitterify.”  Now I’m going to show you how to make the crown that all the glitter goes on!

I know, lace crowns have been all over Pinterest.  But none of the tutorials gave the nitty gritty details.  So I got my hands dirty, and I’m ready to spill what I learned.

Honestly, it was easier to make the crown than it was to get someone
to stay still long enough for pictures!

Materials Needed:

Step one: Wrap the container you plan to use with plastic wrap or wax paper.  I used a small coffee can for newborn sized crowns, and the large one (pictured) for bigger kids.  If you don’t wrap the can, you will get rust colored stains on the lace.

Step two: Cut the lace to the desired length.  15 inches works for newborn crowns.

Step three: pour some of the fabric stiffener into a shallow container. Rub the lace in it and squeeze out the excess.

Step four: wrap the lace around the container. Secure with a pin or clip.

Step five: once it’s dried, peel the lace off the container. Glue the ends together.

Now you can embellish it!

You can paint the stiffened lace with crafter’s paint, like I did with the blue crown.

This crown was painted with gold glitter paint, and then the cord was glued on.

This crown was painted with my special glitter mixture, which I explained in this tutorial.  I then glued on the velvet ribbon and flowers to finish the look.

There are so many fun ways to embellish lace crowns:  feathers, buttons, butterflies!  If you make one, I’d love for you to share your creation with me on my Facebook page!

Looking for more fun crafting ideas?  Check out my other tutorials!


  1. Morena I love these!! I am currently designing and making a Princess Tiana dress and this would be the PERFECT crown! I won’t be posting my Tiana dress until early next month but would you mind if I made one of these and posted a link back to your tutorial for my readers on Sweet Benanna & Sam?

    • I tried Hobby Lobby and even asked a lady in the sewing dept. She said they didn’t have anything like that.
      Any other suggestions? I just love these!!

      • What are you not able to find? The lace is with the ribbon at Michael’s. You might find the fabric stiffener with the adhesives, but I order it from I hope that helps!

  2. When you say paint the lace with craft paint, do you mean fabric paint ( some come in a spray) or regular acrylic crafting paint that can be applied with a brush? Thx for these tips…going to be the Queen Bee of making some crowns! 😉

  3. I love your crowns, they are so cute and easy to make! Where do you get your fabric stiffener? They only had a spray one at my craft store. When I sprayed it to saturation and let it dry it was quite stiff but after I painted the crown it became a little more floppy. Do you think it would work if I sprayed it again even though it’s already painted or will it be ruined? Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Danielle! I got the fabric stiffener from

    If you respray your painted crown, put it back on your can/jar or whatever you used to shape it first. It will collapse when it gets wet again, so you’ll have to reshape it. I hope that helps!

  5. I did this and after the fabric stiffener the crown was wonderful but then I painted it and it got all floppy again.
    Should I do the fabric stiffener again?

    • Sometimes if you use too much paint it will become floppy, so wrap it around the can again while it dries so it can set correctly. Another idea is to tint the fabric stiffener with paint so you color and stiffen at the same time. For the ones you made, I’d just do the stiffener again. I hope that helps!