Confession time:  I love Bling on a Roll.  Glittering mesh covered with “diamonds” that came in different widths and colors…oh, the crafting possibilities!  And I have to tell you, I’m not the only person in my house having fun with these rolls of bling.  My kids are intrigued by them, too, and I’ve begrudgingly had to share with them.  This stuff is seriously fun to craft with!

(This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am a member of their Design Team.


I’ve happily made several projects with Bling on a Roll, and today I want to share an idea that can be made two ways:  one basic application and one a bit more involved.  Here are two ideas for blinging out candles.

Supplies needed to make your own blinged out candles:

Project 1:  Red and White Valentine
Step one:  Cut the silver bling on a roll so it fits around the candle sleeve.

Step two:  Paint Mod Podge onto the sleeve, and adhere the bling.

Step three:  Repeat with the red bling.  I used a single strip and wrapped it three times.


Project 2:  Bee Mine, Valentine

Step one:  Cut the black and gold bling into squares.  Arrange the design in a diamond pattern.  Cut some squares in half to complete the top and bottom rows.

Step two:  Use the Memory Zots for bling to adhere each diamond to the candle sleeve.  Repeat until the pattern is complete.


All that’s left to do is pop an LCD candle inside the candle sleeve and you’re done.  Well, that and plan a romantic dinner to go along with the candlelight.  But I’ll let you figure that part out.  🙂



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