If you’re like me, you have a million (ok, maybe less) pictures on your computer, and your favorites get shared on Facebook.  And they stay there.  Never to be seen in “real life”.  This cool app from Shutterfly will help lazy people like me change that.

I love how easy the Shutterfly Bookworthy App was to use.  Just click here to go to the app on Facebook.  After that, click on “go to app”.  It will ask you to choose up to three of your friends.  I just chose my husband.  Then, instantly, my photo book was ready!

It was fun to be reminded of things that happened a year or two ago.  Seeing every day pictures of my kids when they were smaller made me smile.  I did have a couple of odd, random pictures pop up (they were photos my cousins had tagged me in) and all I had to do was click to remove them.

The Shutterfly Bookworth App is super easy to use.  The best part is that you can share the book for free on your wall, and everyone can enjoy your pictures.  If you decide to order one, the book is just $10.  I think I’ll be getting a few of these, seeing as I haven’t actually printed any of my pictures in a while.  (oops!)  Go check it out and see what you think!

Disclosure:  This is not a paid post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I am participating as part of Shutterfly’s Blogger Campaign.


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