How awesome is this night light I made for my son’s room?  It’s just foam board!

I’ve mentioned in several posts how crazy I am about the online craft site, Darby Smart.  I’ve ordered several kits (and even designed a kit myself!) and have been so impressed with the quality of the materials that they provide in each box.  With this project, I combined the items for the December To DIY for Box and the stencil from the 80’s Bag kit to make a one of a kind light!


  • Foam Core Board
  • stencil
  • Silver Sharpie
  • Awl
  • Battery operated string lights
  • Razor

Step one:  Use a ruler and razor to cut through the first layer ONLY of the foam board.  Cut about an inch from the edge on all four sides.  Only remove the four squares in the corners where the lines overlapped.

Step two:  Use a pencil to trace the stencil design.  I had first done this with the Sharpie, but my plastic stencil wicked the ink and smeared it.

Step three:  Trace the pencil outline with the Sharpie.

Step four:  Use the awl to punch the holes.

Step five:  Fold the edges in and glue to make a box.  I used a low temp glue gun, but do so carefully as you don’t want to melt the foam!

Step six:  Insert the bulbs into the holes.  Admire your new light up sign!

My son thinks his night light is awesome…not babyish at all!  Check out Darby Smart to find all the supplies for this project.  And while you’re there, give my design a peek and a share, won’t you?

**This is not a sponsored post.  I purchased these kits myself because I do honestly enjoy making these projects.  It was a thrill to be selected to design a project for a site I enjoy so much, and I think you’ll like it, too!



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