Make Thanksgiving turkey candy favors to decorate the kid’s table with.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! With four kids I have to be sure to make something for them, too. I used Sixlets, a favorite of both kids and adults, to craft some fun turkey shaped candy filled treat bags. I think these treats will be a BIG hit at the kid’s table this Thanksgiving! This quick project is fun to make and will delight anyone you give them to!

thanksgiving turkey candy favors

Supplies Used to make Thanksgiving Turkey candy favors:

turkey supplies

turkey step 1a

Step one: Place the funnel inside one of the fingers of the glove. (Make sure you use an extra large funnel so the candy will fit through the hole!) Fill the glove finger with one color of sixlets. Repeat with each finger of the glove, alternating colors.  I used orange and yellow.

turkey step 1b

Step two: Fill the palm portion of the glove with a different color of Sixlets.  I used red.

thanksgiving turkey candy favors

Step three: Twist the end of the glove shut and close it with the fabric tape. Twist the end of the glove tightly and wrap it with fabric tape. This will make the turkey’s foot.

turkey step 3

Step four: Cut a triangle from the orangle leaf foam sticker and press it onto the thumb of the glove. Cut a piece from the red leaf sticker to make the wattle and adhere. Finally, stick an eye on and add a decorative word sticker.

thanksgiving turkey candy favors

These adorable little candy filled turkeys would make great favors for a class party, or for young guests to take home after the Thanksgiving feast. I think they would also look cute on a plate at the kid’s table. Whether used as decor or as a favor, these candy filled turkey treat bags are sure to be a hit with kids and adults!

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This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed when I was a design team member.


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