This may be the simplest way to make your own jewelry!  Keep reading to learn the simplest bracelet DIY ever!

 I was excited to find this new jewelry collection in the “Just Added” section at Consumer Crafts because it seems like such a simple way to easily change and update your jewelry.  I ordered several pieces so I can change my bracelet whenever I like.

Just slide the pieces onto the band.  Yes, it’s that easy!

These are the pieces I used to make my bracelet.

I like that you can easily change your idea without spending a lot of time redoing the project.  This was my first idea.  I didn’t like the word “love” separated, so I simply took off the charms and sliders and started over.

This is the design I settled on.  It’s such a pretty piece!

If you want to win a gift card from Consumer Crafts so you can purchase jewelry items like this one, check out my other recent jewelry post:
Good luck!



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