Don’t you hate that feeling that someone’s watching you?  What if you were to turn around and actually see a face in an unexpected place?  That uneasy feeling is what brought about this idea.  You don’t expect a tree to have eyes, or even a face!  Here’s a quick project you can make to give your front yard some life.  Put a face in the trees and watch your guests jump out of their skin!
(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I am a contributor!)

  • Door Knocker (purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • Crackle Paint
  • Clear spray

Step one:  Paint over the plastic door knocker with a base color.  I chose a caramel brown color.

Step two:  Apply crackle paint over the entire face.  I used Tim Holtz’s Crackle Paint in Tea Dye.  The paint will start to crackle as it dries.  The base color shows through the cracks, which is why I chose a darker color for the base.

Step three:  Use a clear spray to seal the paint.  You could also paint over it with glue or outdoor Mod Podge.

Simply hammer a nail into a tree to hang your creation up.  Part of what’s so funny about this decoration to me is that people don’t always notice it immediately, so when they do finally see it they are startled.   I want to make the walk to my front door as eerie as possible for trick or treaters!


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