Step one:  Wrap each spool with a bit of glitter green washi tape. I cut several strips and then starting wrapping wood spools.  Hot glue the end to make sure they don’t become undone. You will need 24 mini spools.
Step two:  Wrap one 1 inch spool with brown washi tape.

Step three:  Glue 3 spools together in a triangle shape.
Step four:  Glue 7 spools together in a circular shape.  There will be six spools on the outside and one inside to hold the shape.

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  1. Love your sweet tree! The green glittery covers on the spools are going to look so pretty on your tree when the tree lights make glitter.

  2. This is SO sweet, I have a friend with a fabulous sewing room (I’m not jealous honestly!) I would love to try and make this for her to decorate her favourite room in the house!


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