Step three: Paint the books and frames. I layered different paint colors to create a more interesting finish. Start with a base paint color, then blend in lighter and darker colors to vary the finish. Use a paint mister to add spritzes of color to the books. Set aside to dry.

Step four: Paint the frames. I used a stencil and gold paint on the silver frame to add a design to it.

Step six: Cut paper to fit behind the frames. Remove the backs and the glass from the frames, and hot glue the paper and frames to the front of the books.

Step seven: Paint the skeleton hands with gesso, then with white paint after the gesso dries. Rub black paint lightly over the dried white paint to highlight the bones. Hot glue the hands inside a frame.

Step eight: Cut strips of cheesecloth. Paint the little zombie figure with gesso, then wrap it with the cheesecloth strips while the gesso is still wet. Once the zombie has been wrapped completely, paint the fabric with gesso.

Step nine: Cut a space out of the book to fit the mummy inside the book. Use a ruler and craft knife to cut through the pages. Keep cutting until the space is deep enough to hold the mummy.

I set these altered books out as part of my Halloween decorating, and my kids all giggled when they opened the Mummy book to find an actual mini mummy inside it! They giggled about the skeleton “friend” book, too. I think I’ll make a few more altered books and have them join me so I can see what they come up with!

For more fun craft project ideas using items from Goodwill San Antonio, click HERE.


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