This Thanksgiving sign DIY will bring color and humor to your celebration. This is a sponsored post.

thanksgiving sign diy

I’m reluctantly packing up my Halloween decor, but replacing it with autumnal Thanksgiving decor makes it a little easier to do. I found this awesome brand new wood cut sign at Goodwill San Antonio last month and couldn’t wait to transform it. They actually had a stack of these in the store I was at, and I kind of regret not buying more of them! They were such a great deal!

I used paint and StyleTechCraft vinyl to turn the unfinished thrift store find into a cute sign for decorating my front porch. This will look great paired with red and yellow mums. It’s also a cute way to welcome guests on Thanksgiving day.

thanksgiving sign diy

Supplies Used for this Thanksgiving Sign DIY:

  • Unfinished Wood Arrow Sign
  • Paint
  • StyleTechCraft Vinyl
  • Cutting Machine

I started by painting the sign with acrylic craft paint. The arrows were painted white, the post brown, and orange and green were used for the pumpkin and the grass. I used a quality paint so I only had to apply two layers of paint, which saves a ton of time.

Cut the letters for the sign using vinyl and your cutting machine. I used vinyl from StyleTechCraft to make this project. First I cut the letters, then I cut a pumpkin shape and a leaf. Weed the vinyl to remove the excess and just keep the pieces of the design that you plan to use.

Use transfer tape to apply the vinyl to the wood cut out painted shapes.

thanksgiving sign diy

Isn’t it cute? Amazing how paint an vinyl can completely transform an unfinished wood piece! This cute piece is ready to “greet” people when they come to our home. Have fun crafting and creating decor for your Thanksgiving celebration!

Trim the vellum around the vinyl to make the lampshade. Tape the edges of the vellum lampshade together using bits of the clear transfer tape. The transfer tape is so sheer you can’t even see it! Pop the groovy lampshades on the glasses and drop a battery operated tea light inside. When it's time to toast the new year guests can just remove the lampshades and lights.


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