Create nesting doll decor using brand new designs from Maker’s Movement. This is a sponsored post.

I bought my first Russian nesting doll at a bazaar in Italy when I was a child. I loved to un-nest the dolls and line them up. Something about them just drew me in…the way they all fit together, the art, the craftsmanship. So when I saw this brand new nesting doll card maker set from Maker’s Movement I HAD to have it. I will definitely be making lots of cards with this set, but right now I wanted to make some spring themed decor with it. I paired the die set with vinyl to make this cheery vase.

nesting doll decorative vase

Nesting Doll Decor Vase Supplies

nesting doll die cut

I started out by spray painting the inside of a dollar store vase. I used white primer spray paint and just sprayed inside the vase. This gave it the white background I wanted.

Then I chose my colors from the glossy vinyl. I used the hues in the artificial flower bouquet I planned to use to help make my selections.

transfer tape vinyl on vase

I used my Crossover II die cutting machine to cut out the different pieces of the design from different colors of vinyl. One of the fun things with this nesting doll die set is that it has lots of tiny pieces, so you can decorate each nesting doll differently. The variety and sizes of the shape make it easy to be creative.

I used transfer tape to place the background piece on the vase first, then I built up. I added the central piece, the face, the head covering, and hair. Then I finished off with the smaller details, like the lips, bow, and flower.

die cut nesting doll decor

This was a really quick project thanks to the dies, and it’s created such a colorful focal point for this shelf. Have fun crafting and creating with dies from Maker’s Movement!


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