Make monogram wood tags to organize your craft supplies, kitchen items, or kids’ stuff. Paint the tags to match your decor.

Make monogram wood tags to organize your craft supplies, kitchen items, or kids stuff.
I’ve described my crafting style as “retro bold“:  I like all things vintage and antique, but with bright, bold colors!  These custom monogram wood tags are a good example of what I love.  I used fun colors and patterns with some of my favorite distressing techniques to create wood tags that are perfect for decor or organization.  Keep reading to learn how easy they are to make!
wood tags DIY

Monogram Wood Tags Supplies

paint base color on wood tags
Step one: Paint each tag with the base color.  I used a new line of milk paint from Plaid Crafts.  I painted one tag brown, one a light turquoise color, and the other a pretty yellow color.  Let them dry completely.
distress paint
Step two:  I distressed the brown tag by painting over it with a sandy colored paint and then wiping it off with a soft cloth.
Step three:  Add a light design to the other tags with stencils.  Place the desired stencil over the painted tag and use a foam pouncer to dab color over the stencil.  I used a light color of paint so the pattern wouldn’t overpower the design.  Let it dry completely.
stencil letter
Step four:  Place an alphabet stencil over the patterned tag and sponge over the stencil using an off white paint.  Let the paint dry.
sand surface
Step five:  Sand the surface to distress the paint finish and give it an aged appearance.
distress the tag
Step six:  To age the tag and give it an antiqued appearance, use tinted wax to “dirty” the edges and surface of the tag.  I add a small amount of the tinted wax to a soft bristled brush, then wipe most of the wax off onto some scrap paper.  Take the mostly dry brush and dab it on the edges and the surface of the tag.  If you add too much wax simply wipe it off with a soft cloth.
monogram wood tags
Shabby, vintage, and distressed to perfection.  Just the way I like it!  I’m using the tags to label my kids’ bins in our entry way.  They would also make great gift tags.  How might you use your custom decorated wood tags?
monogram wood tags diy


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