Use this sales tag free printable to get your small business ready for the busy sales season ahead! This is a sponsored post with but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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Summertime is when my handmade business slows down. It’s too hot where I live for me to have a booth at an outdoor market. Plus, my kids are home for summer break and I enjoy filling our days with fun activities. That doesn’t mean my small business has to come to a standstill! Summer is the perfect time to start readying myself for the busy shopping season ahead, so I’m making sales tags and sharing the free printable with you!

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Colorful, eye catching tags are a great way to draw in people who are browsing as they walk by. These printable cardstock tags from are the perfect size for booth items, and they are very durable. You can opt to write the price on the back, or use the tags as attention grabbers that you can remove and reuse as needed in your booth or shop.

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Sales Tag Free Printable Supplies

sales tags free printable

Start by downloading the free printable from the link in the profile. Then you’ll print them on the pre-perforated cardstock sheets from As an added bonus you can let them print the tags for you if you don’t have a printer at home!

I’ve found that checking these items helps when you are printing at home:

  • Make sure you choose letter size paper BORDERLESS printing. Most printers are set up with a border setting which will throw off the alignment.
  • Print the file at 100%
  • If you still have issues, use the alignment assistant that offers to help make the needed adjustments for your printer.

vendor booth price tags

Once you’ve printed the file, simply fold the tags back and forth on the already perforated lines to easily separate the tags. Add a bit of twine and you’re ready to start making sales!


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