This skull placemat DIY is a quick way to create a Halloween place setting.

skull mat

I recently shared my dining room Halloween makeover. My dining room chairs got a creepy look by using batting and spooky skull fabric. I added a skeleton floral and some Halloween decor to the wall and set a chilling table scape to create a family friendly but haunted house inspired dining room. This skull placemat DIY is perfect for a dining room like this one!

Skull Placemat DIY Supplies

  • Skull Die Cut
  • Fat Quarters: Pink, Orange, Yellow
  • Fusible Fabric Stabilizer
  • Black Felt
  • Fabric Paint
  • Foam pouncer
  • Ric Rac
  • Fabric Adhesive

fusible webbing

Step one:  Cut pieces of fabric so that they will fit the skull craft die.  Cut the fusible fabric stabilizer to the same size.

Step two:  Iron the fusible fabric stabilizer onto the fabric pieces.

die cut fabric

Step three:  Use your die cutting machine to cut the fused fabric into the skull shapes.  You will need three skulls per placemat.

Step four:  Place the skull die over the cut fabric. We are going to use the metal die as a stencil now. Use a foam pouncer to pick up a bit of craft paint, then dab the excess off on a paper towel.  Sponge over the die to add fabric paint to the fabric.  Repeat until the paint fills the design.  Remove the die to clean and wash it well before moving on to the next color.  Repeat for each of the fabric skulls and let the paint dry.

Step five:  Cut a piece of black felt to make the backing for the placemat.  This is approximately 12 inches by 18 inches.

Step six:  Use an iron to adhere the sugar skulls to the felt placemat.

Step seven:  Finish off the edges with some wide ric rac trim.  I used a fabric adhesive to seal the ends and to attach the trim to the placemat.

skull placemat DIY

These colorful placemats make a fun addition to any table!  You can use polka dot fabric to make fun napkins to the setting.  I even glued some flower cabochons onto miniature Halloween decor to add some more spooky character to the place setting.  Have fun crafting and creating decor for Halloween!

skull mat DIY


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