Today marks a special day in my family, and since November is Adoption Awareness Month, I thought it would be fitting to share a free graphic to celebrate.

On this day ten years ago,  my husband and I shivered in a room in a country far away.  We were huddled around a space heater under the judge’s desk.  We sat with the judge, her clerk, our attorney, and a translator in a freezing room.  It wasn’t at all how I’d imagined this moment would be.

The judge was very friendly and asked if we were enjoying our time in her country.  She went on to ask a few questions about our careers and interests.  Then she asked if we loved the baby who we had held for the first time just one day prior.  The baby we had only learned about three weeks prior.  The baby we’d been hoping and praying for for years.  We assured her that, yes, though we’d just met him we loved him with all our hearts and would cherish this gift all the days of our lives.
She seemed satisfied with our responses.  As she signed documents, she told us that he came from the same region as her, and many important people came from that region.  She was confident that he would be very successful in life.  We believed her.

We spent Thanksgiving in our son’s homeland.  Every year, Thanksgiving reminds me of that special time, when I finally became a mother.

In honor of that memory, and because it’s adoption awareness month, I’m sharing this simple graphic.  It’s a symbol for adoption, I learned.  The triangle represents the connection between the birthparents, the child, and the adoptive parents.  The heart is, obviously, love.  You can download the graphic here.

To make this simple keychain:

  1.  Print the image on clear address labels.
  2. Place the sticker on a Mod Podge acrylic shape.
  3. Cover the image with Dimensional Magic (glitter on the heart, regular on the rest).
  4. Glue Bling on a Roll ( to the edge.
  5. Attach the keychain to the shape.
This keychain will be a gift for a friend who adopted recently.  I’m so excited for them!


  1. Adoption day for us was so much easier. We didn’t travel to a far-away country, so we were familiar with the language—-but the message of our hearts was the same, Morena. We will love this boy with all our hearts for the rest of our lives. He has fulfilled our deepest dreams and desires just by coming into our lives—and for this we will be eternally blessed. Love you, dear friend….Shannon

  2. Morena, what a beautiful way to remember one of the most important days in your (and your son’s and family’s) life. I never knew that symbol or its meaning before, but I would love to share it with the world. What a lovely sentiment. Congratulations!

  3. This is so sweet and the love that connects everyone is beautiful to see in symbolic form. This is still a very beautiful key chain even if I didnt know the meaning, but it sure makes it more powerful.I didnt even know this month was adoption awareness month so I learned something new.


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