Wreath are pretty, but expected.  I love interesting door decor, and I like to see how people come up with unexpected ways to decorate their front doors:  frames, umbrellas, balloons, etc.  Here’s my contribution to the world of wreath alternative door decor:  a spring inspired chicken wire heart!  This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, and finished in first place for one of the designer challenges!

Step one:  Paint the pennant green.  Trace the pennant on card stock, and draw two circles on top to make a heart shape.

Step two:  Tie the twine to the pennant as pictured.

Step three:  Place the heart template under the wood pennant to use as a guide.  Cut the moss wire into strips and use a hot glue gun to make the heart shape.  Repeat until the shape is full.

Step four:  Cut the chicken wire so it is about an inch larger than the heart template.  Place it on the front of the moss heart, and carefully fold the edges back to “wrap” the heart shape.

Step five:  Hot glue the butterfly onto the front.

The finished result is a very country chic piece of door decor.  It would also be cute on a wall or even on a mantle, maybe next to some pretty flowers.  Have fun crafting and creating!


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